OLD TOWN?The dives for certified divers prepared by the previous day. Health certificate, logbook and diver certification card, is required. For safety reasons, and more fun, the team can not exceed four persons, except a pecial cases!. The first dive starts at 9:30 and the second at 15:00. The area of the diving is in majestic reefs, with depths of 7m - 30m and bottom time of 40 to 90-minutes!
The water temperature from 17 to 27 degrees Celsius and visibility over 10m!
The bottom is perfect! Vast seagrass beds, huge blocks of stone, small caves full of corals and shells, hosts colorful fish and microscopic organisms! Looking at the endless blue, many times we will see herds of pike and sardines! Exploring the caves and holes will find octopus and grouper and if we are lucky to be photographed near the most beautiful turtle Caretta caretta!
In many places the seabed resembles ancient city (palace of Alcinous;) populated by thousands gylous, bass and breams!
Come relax in natural water park!
Come to my paradise!

Βιβλιοθήκη εικόνων

The  endless beach SANTA BARBARA at southwest CORFU with golden sand and crystal clear waters, is our starting point for daily escapes round of the cape MEGACHOROS.

KAYAKING Paddling on one of the most ergonomic BIC SPORT KAYAK for one two or three adults and one or two children,equiped with wetsuits mask snorkel fins,and of course the digital CANON camera,for exploration - snorkeling - free diving - photos and videos in colorful seabed area!

 SCUBA DIVE Feel free! Live the experience scuba diving! Exploration the reefs and the caves of Megachoros at southwest Corfu!      The secrets of the seabed  waiting for you to discover!  Meet our biodivercity.Its easy,safe and affordable excursion!

EVERY SUMMER         FOLLOW ME             Iraklis Dimitriadis   mob. phone:0030-6972324060                                                                                                       dive instructor CMAS -EOYDA -

                                                                                                    EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE                                                                                                                DAN EUROPE              


many opsions for accommodations - fun!!!                  

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Βιβλιοθήκη εικόνων